The way to shop online is very simple.

From the categories, we choose which products we want by clicking Add to Cart. The quantity is always 1 but if we want a larger quantity of the same product, we can change the number according to the quantity we want.

In each product, if we click on it it takes us inside the product and we can learn details from the description.

To the right and above the screen is the basket and it tells us the amount and if we touch it with the mouse then we see our order.

When we have added the products we want to the basket, we click on the basket where it takes us in detail to our order and we see exactly what charges we have.

In the weight, it always says what money we pay for the specific weight what we have to be careful of is to fill the weight we pay with products, for example when we pay from 501 grams to 1000 grams to have the best price we have to place our order very close to 1000g to fill the kilo you pay for.

We press order completion and see the payment methods.

-Payment by debit or credit card is completely free

-Payment via PayPal there is a handling fee

-Deposit to a bank account by transfer (For a deposit from the same bank, there are no bank charges. In case of a deposit from a different bank, i.e. a transfer, if there are bank charges, they are charged to the depositor and the transfer amount should exactly match the amount of the order. ) Once your deposit has been confirmed, you will receive a copy of the order with confirmation from us that the deposit has been completed and is ready to ship.

We choose which of the 3 ways we want to pay.

In the remaining fields, fill in your full details, name and surname address, apartment, building if you want, city, region, postal code, phone and email (which must be the email we can contact you for any clarification of the order) your email which you will also use as a username when connecting to the e-shop and in the “code” field put the password you want to connect to the e-shop again in the future.

If you choose to send it to a different address, then put a new address where you want the package to go, e.g. the written address is Roma Italy and I want to post the parcel as a gift in Italy Napoli and I want it to go there or I live for a while in another area and I want it to be sent there or I want it to be sent to my work address, etc.

In the notes, you can write some clarification of your order.

We press send order and your order is complete. To deposit in the bank, the justification must state your first and last name as well as your order number which you see on the right of the screen and finally contact us by email for further details of the order.

For a new order, simply log in with a username and password without having to go through the registration process again

When your order and payment are completed, you will also receive a copy of your order, which is also the confirmation of your payment.

We remain at your disposal for any help or clarification.