Charges in detail
– Envelope charge 1g up to 250g
– parcel charge 1 g up to 10 kg
the envelope charge is always lower than the parcel charge when the weight is the same up to 250g

The weight always says how much we pay for the specific weight, what we have to be careful of is to fill the weight we pay with products, for example when we pay from 501 grams to 1000 grams in order to get the best price, we have to place your order very close at 1000g fill the kilo you pay for.

Charges in detail
We accept all Visa, Mastercard, American Express cards Through Viva Payments the payment is made through the completely secure service completely free of charge.
PayPal – (There is a handling fee) If you want to pay with money you have in PayPal or with your credit or debit card, the payment is made through the completely secure PayPal service.
It is not necessary to already have an account to use PayPal.

Bank deposit
You can pay for your order directly by bank deposit. The bank account will also appear in the next step if you complete your order on the “Checkout” page
1 – Piraeus IBAN: GR2501715900006590105344019
2 – Attica Bank IBAN GR5201603680000000085146360
3 – Eurobank IBAN GR2502600330000260201858552
4 – Alpha Bank IBAN GR5501401560156002101061765
5 – National Bank IBAN GR1501101000000010088205975

Beneficiary Petros Asimis, Nikolaou

Note: In the justification you should put your name and order number.

In the case of a deposit from a different bank, i.e. a transfer, if there are bank charges, they will be charged to the depositor and the transfer amount should exactly match the amount of the order. For a deposit from the same bank, there are no bank charges.

Once your deposit has been confirmed, you will receive a copy of the order with confirmation from us that the deposit has been completed and is ready to ship with the carrier.

Your order will be packed immediately after payment is confirmed and shipped within 2 business days.